Dr. Wonderly offers the most up-to-date, evidence-based care available in determining the most successful treatments for his patients. He listens so he fully understands your needs and concerns and takes a personal interest in getting you back on track so you are optimally functioning and can enjoy greater overall health.

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Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy

This treatment entails the “cracking” part of a regular visit that most people associate with going to a chiropractor. With this treatment, the joints are returned to their normal bio-mechanical function. The brain interprets this new movement and then immediately decreases the amount of pain or discomfort a patient is experiencing. Dr. Wonderly utilizes several different techniques based on each patient’s individualized treatment.


Neurocentric approach—Pregnancy

Many changes occur during pregnancy—both for the mom and the baby. Due to the physical growth of the baby, and the changes in hormones in mom, expecting moms may experience physical pains in the pelvis area, as well as headaches and neck and shoulder pain due to forward head posture. Additionally, changing hormones can impact and increase the mother’s stress, anxiety, and fatigue levels, and some expectant mothers experience immune and digestive issues during pregnancy...

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Manual Soft Tissue Manipulation

This treatment consists of hands-on manual pressure of the musculature that is responsible for causing pain and discomfort. Returning the musculature back to its proper physiological function, this treatment allows the affected joints to heal. Combined with manipulation, this treatment ultimately increases the healing phase of your care plan.

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Passive Care

Just as it sounds, this part of treatment does not require any manipulation. Passive Care is a relaxing, rejuvenating phase of the treatment plan where patients receive several different forms of Electric Muscle Stimulation. Ultrasound Therapy and/or Inter-Segmental Traction may also be included in your Passive Care.

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Active Care

This phase of your care plan is one of the most important parts of your overall Chiropractic path to wellbeing. Dr. Wonderly gives patients a series of stretches and exercises that they do on their own at home or at work. These prescribed activities give you the ability to continue care in your spare time and are instrumental in preventing further injury or re-occurrence of injury. This is key, especially for sports-related injuries.

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Weight Loss and NutritioN

We all realize that nutrition is an important part of health care and that a lack of good nutrition or sensible eating habits is one of the leading causes of disease and illness in the United States. Research tells us that healing is achieved more quickly and effectively when proper eating is added to the other phases of care. Dr. Wonderly can assist you with nutritional advice and a customized eating program to help you reach your goals. A simple guide is provided when receiving care from Dr. Wonderly to provide a comprehensive health and wellness program.