I suffered from problems that caused pain in my shoulder. I saw Dr Cory and he worked on my shoulder one time. Gave me some exercises that really improved my situation. I went to Dr. Cory not being able to lift my shoulder and now I can literally do cartwheels! Don't suffer with pain, see Dr Cory and he will improve your life!

Aaron F.

I can't say enough about Dr. Cory. He has recently started helping my husband with his back problems and he has already seen AMAZING results. Please if you have neck, back, headaches or allergy issues reach out to Dr. Cory.

Rachel M. 

Dr. Cory is awesome! He is so helpful and really gets to know each patient. He will answer any questions you have and makes sure you really understand the answer when he explains it to you.

Elle A.

Nicole O.

Dr Wonderly is very thorough. He gets to the root issues and not only will adjust you but he will teach you stretches you can do on your own to strengthen yourself. He is truly interested in your health and well being, not just getting you to be a return customer. Comfortable environment and friendly staff.

All I can say is this chap is a miracle worker, I was the most skeptical person when it came to chiropractic's but Dr. Cory converted me. Twice annually I would be immobile with chronic back pain, no longer, he is on point and knows exactly what to do. Accommodating and professional at all times.

Thanks Doc.

Oran D.

Tira W.

For almost 15 years, I have had repeated traumatic experiences, which have left me with herniated disks, ripped ligaments, concussions, and major muscle strains in my back. Migraines have become a normal part of my life. By the time I came to your office, I felt broken, and much older than my 32 years.
After 6 visits, my headaches are gone, and I can straighten out my legs and my feet will stay straight up, instead of falling out to the sides and instantly having hip and low back pain. I sleep better than I have in years. I feel younger, healthier, happier, and over all, amazing! I feel and see improvement, with every single visit. I feel like my life has been handed back to me, to enjoy again. For that I am eternally grateful.

Jeanette S.

I enjoy being very active with the two bands I sing with. After I turned 40, I noticed that sometimes after performing, my right hip would be very sore, sometimes to the point that the next day I would walk with a slight limp. Of course, I wanted to still be able to perform with the bands in my usual lively manner.
After a few treatments with Dr. Wonderly, I was able to dance around the stage with no pain. What I appreciated the most was the time Dr. Wonderly took to ask me questions about my lifestyle so that I could receive the best care possible. Thank you very much, I’m sure I’ll be a patient of yours for years to come.

Bob G.

I have used many chiropractors for over 35 years. In most cases my visits were 15 minutes or less and I felt like I was treated like a number….basically cracking and pushing then good-bye. I no longer use their services. Dr. Cory Wonderly is a new breed of chiropractor that treats your whole body and spends time with you to truly learn how he can help. I highly recommend Dr. Wonderly for people who want optimum health.

Crystal B.

I have been seeing Dr. Wonderly on a somewhat regular basis for awhile and in March I was in a car accident. I knew immediately he would be the one to go see for pain relief. I felt immediate relief after the first visit and within three months, I was back to 100% to where I was before the accident. I also trust him with my children. Both of my kids are big athletes and my son always asks to go see Dr. Wonderly. I highly recommend him whether it’s for accidents, sports or every-day wear and tear that you put in your body.