A Neurocentric Approach to Chiropractic.


This simply means that he focuses on the nervous system and its relation to the spine. The nervous system is protected by the spinal column and if we do not take care of the protection, it will create a breakdown in the system which results in stress. This stress manifests in the human body as symptoms. From back pain and headaches to sleeping problems and visceral symptoms. We restore full function of the nervous system to allow each person freedom from stress.

We don’t fix back pain and neck pain, we allow people to get back to the things they enjoy in life. Whether that is being able to get on the floor to play with their kids or getting back to the golf course.
— Dr. Cory Wonderly


Dr. Cory Wonderly became a Chiropractic Patient at the age of 16 due to sports injuries and chronic stress placed on his body while participating in many activities and began his career in the Fire Service. He was a typical athletic, active, wild kid who put his body through many stresses which led to discomfort in his low back and legs. When he was referred to a Chiropractic by his Primary Care Doctor (Who would have thought that would be possible?). He immediately experienced the benefit of being adjusted on a regular basis and all of the positive side effects (better sleep, higher energy etc.) associated with this type of care. “After being a very unhealthy child growing up, I quickly realized that chiropractic care was leading me to a healthier life and made me want to be a part of the profession.”

Dr. Wonderly is a Pennsylvania Native who currently resides in Canonsburg with his beautiful wife Shana their dog Josie. He has been a member of the volunteer fire service for 14 years and has held leadership roles in the fire service as well as attaining advanced training to become a PA State Fire Instructor. In 2014, Dr. Wonderly opened Robinson Township Chiropractic Center and has begun leaving his footprint in the community as a qualified and successful practitioner. 

Dr. Wonderly celebrated his 5 year anniversary in practice in January of 2017 and has spent those years mastering the art of the Chiropractic Adjustment and continuing his study in Neurology and Spinal Function which has made him a more effective communicator, educator and deliverer of Chiropractic Care. 

“My goal for this practice is to grow in to the community as the first stop in to the healthcare system, instead of the last. I want people to recognize me in public and know that I am the one delivering THE BEST Chiropractic Adjustments that do more than just , “crack backs.” I believe that Chiropractic can be life changing for all ages and walks of people and can save lives that have been damaged by stress.”